Case Studies

“The feedback from my team has been beyond exceptional” - Major, Information Warfare

Online Training of National Armed Forces MCSI provided online cyber security training to a nation's army between 2020 and 2022. Access to our Online Learning Platform has helped service members stationed across numerous states and even deployed overseas, allowing them to train from anywhere, at any time. Senior cyber operators' comment was "beyond exceptional," according to one major, who credited our practical and experiential approach to cyber training.
Preparing Cyber Protection Teams for an International Cyber Theatre Exercise In preparation for an approaching multinational Five Eyes theatrical exercise, MCSI provided four weeks of intensive cyber training to Cyber Protection Teams in 2020. We made up a hypothetical company that was infiltrated by two Advanced Threat Actors. The CPTs were given the duty of securing the network, identifying, and eliminating threats, and engaging in hand-to-hand cyber combat.
Upskilling Penetration Testers into Red Teamers for a large bank In 2018, MCSI was hired by one of APAC's top banks to train 17 of their penetration testers in advanced Red Teaming. We taught four intensive, hands-on courses on malware development, cyber operations planning and execution, evading incident response teams, and bypassing enterprise security measures.
Training the Security Operations Centre of a large financial institution Another of APAC's top banks hired MCSI to provide various defensive cybersecurity courses in 2019. Network forensics, memory forensics, incident response, malware analysis, and threat hunting were among the topics we covered. Live-fire attack simulations in procedurally produced cloud networks were added to our courses. The students were tasked with recognizing, investigating, responding to, and neutralizing active threat actors, just as they would at work.
Helping 100 Women Acquire Cyber Skills in 100 Days MCSI backed a major industry campaign in 2019 to train 100 women in cybersecurity in 100 days. We gave the women 400 hours of online training in areas including basic cybersecurity concepts, threat hunting, penetration testing, cyber defense, and safe software development. We're happy to say that because of this campaign, numerous of them have found work in the business.
Teaching Practical Cybersecurity Skills to Undergraduate Students MCSI teamed with a major American institution to offer our Remote Internship Program to all its cybersecurity students. They saw the benefit in our hands-on approach and portfolio development to exhibit abilities and competences.
Training Regional and National CERTs Since 2020, MCSI has supplied regional and national CERTs with free practical cybersecurity training. Our goal is to strengthen critical infrastructure defense organizations. This effort has benefited more than 200 people. Digital forensics, incident response, threat intelligence, and defend forwards are among the topics covered in the programme.
Military Cyber Training Events MCSI took part in a number of classified cybersecurity training sessions for the military in 2020 and 2021. Advanced cybersecurity workshops, presentations, and online challenges were all offered by us. Our cooperation has benefited approximately 1,000 cyber operators in total.


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