Short Courses & Workshops
Non-Technical Technical Workshops
Business Executives and Board Members Cyber Security Master Course
(4 hours)
Introduction to Windows Security
(2 days)
Crisis Simulation Workshop
(1 day)
The Structured Analytics Techniques
(2 days)
TBA: Introduction to Linux/OSX Security
Cyber Self-Defence for Employees
(contact us)
TBA: Introduction to Application Security

Offensive Security
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Red Teaming: The Fundamentals
(5 days)
Red Teaming: The Advanced User-Land Techniques
(5 days)
Windows Kernel Rootkits Techniques and Analysis
(5 days)
Penetration Testing Tools Master Course
(5 days)
TBA: Vulnerability Research Master Course
Social Engineering Master Course
(2 days)
Dragon-Net Red Team Exercises
(4 hours to 3 days)

Defensive Security
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
First Incident Responder
(2 days)
Network Forensics Master Course
(5 days)
TBA: The Offensive Countermeasures Master Course
Threat Hunting Master Course
(5 days)
Applied Reverse Engineering
(3 days)
Dragon-Net Incident Response Workshops
(4 hours to 5 days)