How do you achieve your vision of being the greatest learning institution?

Cyber Truths for Educational Institutions


Employers prioritize skills over degrees and brand


Inability to keep up with the cyber landscape


Your success hinges on key industry partnerships


You need direct job pipelines for students

Innovative Product

  • Co-brand our courses and credentials
  • Customize courses and exercises
  • Expert instructors join your team
  • Accessible 24/7/365 online
  • Scalable to unlimited number of users
  • Full analytics and visibility

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    Pricing starts as low as $450 USD per user. You can then purchase addons. Watch our 90 seconds video to learn more:

  • How does The MCSI Method™ compare to traditional classes?

    Watch a 2-minute video to learn how MCSI has reinvented cyber training and vetting:

  • Do you offer certifications and CPEs? Which skills frameworks are you aligned to?
  • Can you help our students find employment?
    Partnering with MCSI elevates your institution's cyber education offerings to new heights. Not only do we deliver top-tier, innovative cybersecurity training, but we also take an active role in linking your students to tangible employment opportunities in the industry. Leverage our extensive network of established industry contacts and enthusiastic employers looking to hire fresh talent. At MCSI, we see our commitment extend beyond education. By becoming a partner, your institution stands to gain an ally, deeply invested in transforming your students' acquired knowledge into successful professional paths. MCSI is more than a cybersecurity training provider; we're a conduit to the industry, enhancing your relevance and amplifying your impact.
  • Can we customize the courses and align the exercises to our requirements?
    Absolutely! At MCSI, we understand the importance of bespoke education and are committed to facilitating a tailored learning experience. We work closely with our partners to customize courses and align the exercises with your specific requirements. This ensures that the content remains highly relevant to your educational goals while enabling a seamless integration with your existing curriculum. Our priority is to provide a training solution that best suits the needs of your institution and the expectations of your students.
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