Dragon Net

Dragon-Net procedurally generates realistic enterprise networks in the cloud. It can be used to train Red and Blue teams, test and compare security software, or act as a honeynet.

Vulnerabilities, adversary groups, attack toolkits, software, and local and domain users are all examples of items procedurally generated by Dragon-Net and deployed in the cloud.

If you want to run regular training drills to upskill your personnel in red teaming, threat hunting, incident response, forensics, reverse engineering, vulnerability research and exploitation, then Dragon-Net will soon be your product of choice!

"Dragon-Net provides the best CTF environment I've ever seen for practicing penetration testing and red teaming"
- Student, Red Teaming - The Fundamentals
"Dragon-Net allowed our teams to run friendly attack and defence competitions that taught us a tremendous amount of valuable lessons we couldn't have learnt any other way than through hands-on practice"
- Paul M., Cyber Operations Manager, Financial Services Firm
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  • Accessible Anywhere: Dragon-Net supports Google Cloud and AWS. Students install a VPN client and can start training.
  • Vulnerabilities Deployment: Dragon-Net comes with a large repository of vulnerabilities that are randomly deployed across the network.
  • Adversary Simulations: Dozens of custom offensive security tools are provided, automatically obfuscated and compiled, and deployed across the networks.
  • Complexity Dial: Networks of all sizes and complexity can be generated. From basic training drills to very complex ones against thousands of machines.
  • Operating Systems: Dragon-Net supports Windows and Linux.
  • Threat Analysis: Dragon-Net can also be used as a honeynet. Replicate your network in the cloud, deploy adversaries’ toolkits in it and monitor them.