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Mossé Cyber Security Institute

Mossé Cyber Security Institute offers a vast array of cyber security programmes that are taught in course and workshop formats. Among them, there are twenty learning programmes and workshops specifically tailored for IT professionals, business executives, managers and regular employees.

We teach you programmes that incorporate the latest developments and trends in cyber security. You will learn materials that have been extensively tested because we've taught them dozens of times across multiple organisations and teams. We are acclaimed as Australia's number 1 cyber security institute.

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Book your tickets online and come learn at our Institute in Australia.

Private Classes

We come teach onsite when it suits you best, anywhere in the world.


Learn online and practice against Dragon-Net networks.

Taught By Experts

Our instructors are subject matter experts


More than half our materials are hands-on exercises


Our materials include +3000 slides and 500 exercises

Taught Anywhere

We teach students all over the world

Upcoming Events

18 Mar

Red Teaming - The Fundamentals

5 days Sydney, AU

Red Teaming – The Fundamentals is a basic yet potent introductory course to Red Teaming. Our instructors teach the fundamental knowledge and skills that novice Red Teamers require to deliver cyber-attack simulations. No prior knowledge of computer hacking is assumed. Detailed step-by-step instructions are provided f...

28 Apr

Red Teaming - The Advanced User-Land Techniques

5 days Melbourne, AU

Red Teaming "The Advanced User-Land Techniques" imparts user-land exploitation techniques specifically designed to evade advanced enterprise security products, as well as make incident detection and response a real nightmare. Students will practice Red Teaming against a network with hundreds of machines, containing ...

16 Sep

Threat Hunting Master Course

5 days Melbourne, AU

In this five-day master course, students will learn how to hunt for threat actors on large scale computer networks. No prior knowledge in incident response, threat hunting, reverse engineering or malware analysis is required prior to attending this course. Detailed step-by-step instructions will be given, and studen...


A few of the many organisations that have worked with us:

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
National Australian Bank
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Australian Department of Defence