Business Executives Cyber Security Master Course

Business Executives Cyber Security Master Course

Since the snowden revelations on government Internet spying and the massive security breaches of 2013 and 2014 (e.g. the Target and Sony breaches) business executives and board members have become increasingly concerned about the security posture of their organisations and their ability to handle the consequences of a cyber breach if it happened to them.

Mossé Security offers a four-hour training course tailored for business executives and board members that want to learn how to defend their organisation against cyber threat actors and manage the risks of cyber attacks.

Consider the following cyber security statistics **:
  • 95% of all organisations are already compromised in some way (e.g. malware, or advanced adversary controlling their network)
  • Attackers operate on average of 227 days undetected on the network of their victim
  • The average cost of one cyber security breach in Australia is $2.72 million
  • In Australia, the average cost per compromised record is $141
  • Australian businesses experienced second highest customer churn rate of 4.0% after a data breach
  • Australia has the second highest detection and escalation cost of $1,4,000

** For more information, we invite you to read this report by the Ponemon Institute.

Among professionals in the cyber industry, Benjamin Mossé is considered as an ethical innovator. His company offerings are varied IT services with specific focus on cyber security research and intelligence. His company’s Learning Institute provides trainings, courses and workshops for corporations and governments bringing employee awareness to cyber threats and breaches.

Originally from France, Benjamin Mossé moved to Melbourne, Australia, several years ago, to be closer to his family. Graduating from Deakin University, Mr. Mossé established his own Company soon after graduation. Today, Mossé Security operates worldwide providing IT solutions and strategic security advice to governments, and private sector clients.

Benjamin gives compelling talks to groups in various industries, and he is a much sought-after speaker on topics related to cyber security and threat mitigation.


"We are a medium-size organisation that have never done any real cyber security work before and I wanted to learn the basics to make sure we do it right. Benjamin is an extraordinary speaker, the workshop was filled with useful information and I left the event with everything I had wanted to know to get us started."

Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Industry

"I'd read a number of online articles on cyber security, but with Mossé Security's workshop I've learnt what it's really about and what we as an organisation need to do to ensure the safety of our systems and the privacy of the information we collect."

Chief Technology Officer, Financial Services

"Amazing workshop. Got us all very concerned about the cyber threats out there. We thank Mossé Security for their teachings."

Chief Executive Officer, Financial Services

"We invited Mossé Security to deliver the training onsite at our office and we impressed with the content. Benjamin translated technical concepts into simple words that the team could understand and guided us through what our company needs to do to improve our security."

Chief Information Officer, Retail Industry

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