Private Training For Your Clients

Showcase your brand’s innovative-edge by giving MCSI's expert training to your clients

MCSI travels to Asia, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East to assist your cyber security organisation showcase your cutting-edge knowledge and innovative approaches by delivering our top-level courses and workshops to your clients.

MCSI will grow your brand through top training your clients. We will enhance your company a regional and international competitive advantage.

  • Up-to-date and relevant enterprise security courses and workshops
  • Flexible to your timelines and tailored to your needs
  • Expert, well-reputed industry trainers highly experienced in enterprise security
  • MCSI has trained hundreds of IT security professionals worldwide

Universities and Learning Institutions

MCSI offers Universities cyber security courses and workshops that surpass and significantly augment their own training level capabilities

MCSI specializes in teaching learning institutions, universities, colleges, and companies, advanced-level cyber security courses and workshops that surpass courses and methods currently in practice.

We thrive on being and promoting a Culture of Learning.

We teach and encourage students to dive deeper into the specific areas of cyber security that best prepare them for a career specialty. It optimally positions them for successful advancement in the highly competitive industry.

  • Innovative and cutting-edge preparation for ongoing success in the industry
  • MCSI's instructors possess a fine balance of corporate experience along with owning skilled competency in presenting and teaching to groups cross-culture and worldwide
  • Expert, well-reputed industry trainers highly experienced in enterprise security

Cyber Security Conferences

Attract more participants by offering cutting-edge courses delivered by renowned industry experts

Our diverse range of innovative courses spanning all areas of cybersecurity will give added value to your conference attendance appeal.

Cyber security professionals have provided resounding feedback on the amount of new knowledge learnt through our courses and workshops.

  • High value added to conferences
  • Increases engagement and attendance
  • Ensures repeat registrations for future conferences
  • Time-saving solutions for hands-on learning opportunities
  • Certificates of Completion awarded
  • Potential gain in career advancements

Student Value Proposition