Universities and Learning Institutions Partnerships

Mossé Cyber Security Institute:

Mossé Cyber Security Institute (MCSI) is Australia’s leading education center for cyber security.

The mission of MCSI is to impart and sustain an unparalleled cutting-edge depth of enterprise security education that addresses the detrimental realities of how cyber adversaries compromise organisations in ways that affect people from all walks of life across all industries.

Our vision is to educate one million individuals over the next 5 years capable of taking-on and solving today’s and tomorrow’s greatest enterprise and national cyber threat challenges.

Since we established MSCI in 2015, we have trained over 1000 cyber security professionals worldwide, delivered 100’s of workshops, and have given presentations to over 500 business executives and board members Australia-wide, as well as internationally.

Our parent company, Mossé Security, was established in 2010, and both are based on a foundational philosophy that fosters and promotes a Culture of Learning. We believe that our values, the processes we’ve established, and our practices promote as well as encourage continuous cyber learning. Our certification programmes cultivate the achievement of incremental competence to the highest level of cyber security mastery. Within our own employee ranks, our professionals advance through our unique in-house mentoring system, and hone their cyber skills with over 200 hours of high-level training programmes a year.

Our instructors are all top expert cyber security professionals who have compromised well over 100,000 machines during ethical hacking engagements, have responded to hundreds of major cyber security incidents, (some of which have been exposed in national news), and possess a well-rounded experience in delivering complex as well as multi-faceted security engagements for some of the world’s largest organisations.

Universities and learning institutions willingly partner with us to offer education and training that goes above and beyond the teaching capabilities of their own professors and lecturers.

As such, a strategic partnership with MCSI provides guarantees that their students will have access to up-to-date training materials that will best prepare them to join and contribute to the industry in the most valuable way.

Mossé Security:

Mosse Security provides worldwide cyber security solutions and strategic security advice to state and federal government agencies, multi-billion-dollar companies, and security minded C-level executives.

Our track record includes responding to industrial espionage campaigns, protecting privacy and confidential information of millions of Australians, providing security education and training to several of the largest financial institutions (Australian and New Zealand Bank, National Australian Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia) and government agencies (Department of Defence), detecting and investigating security breaches (some of which have been exposed in national news), and tracking down cyber adversaries to get them arrested.

Join Us - Partnerships

MCSI invites universities and learning institutions to join our Online Learning Platform (OLP). Our OLP is comprised of intensive and sophisticated exercises work that complement what is being done in their respective learning institution studies.

How and What:

For a minimal fee, we provide your students with access to 165 premium training exercises, 65 of which are already available on the platform free of charge.

These 165 exercises amount to at least 400 hours and more worth of training materials for students. Accomplishing these exercises will provide them with real time experience enabling each student to hit the ground running with immediately applicable skills in their first formal job.

Some of the subjects covered include: Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Digital Forensics, Threat Hunting, Reverse Engineering, Cyber Defence, Unix Internals and Windows Internals. This training is delivered worldwide and can be scaled to any number of students.

How it works

This is how you can take advantage of this invitation:

  • Each student can individually pay AU$149 (this option is ideal for students who wish to train more independently towards their degree)
  • Your institution purchases the exercises on the students’ behalf at a bulk discounted rate (most learning institutions choose this option as it provides equal opportunity for all their students)

Fees are renewable every 12 months.

Your professors and lecturers can download students’ submissions and grade them as per your institution’s grading system. In short, our training solution integrates with the way you work.


  • Industry Content: Exercises built by expert industry professionals for people who want to join the industry. Our instructors have 10+ years delivering enterprise security solutions for a multitude of industries.
  • Certifications: The exercises are aligned with all the major industry certifications. Students can also register for MCSI’s four online Certification Programmes: Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Blue Teaming, Security Engineering.
  • Job Opportunities: Work opportunities are advertised on the platform for students who demonstrate their skills and know-how by completing our exercises. This makes it more likely for students to successfully land internships and junior positions.
  • Expert Advice: Students can access a forum of industry experts and MCSI instructors to ask questions and receive the advice they’ll need to succeed at kickstarting their careers.


Below is an example of a University Study Guide for a Penetration Testing subject over a 12-week Semester that has been blended with our practical exercises:

WeekTopicLabMCSI Exercises
1Introduction to Penetration Testing
  • Set up VMS
  • XSS
  • Information Leakage
  • Creating A Virtual Machine
  • Install Software Development Tools On Your Machine
  • Write an application vulnerable to Cross-Site Scripting
  • Write a PHP application with an exposed phpinfo.php page
  • Write an application vulnerable to username enumeration via verbose error messages
2Reconnaissance and Discovery
  • Weak Credentials
  • Directory Fuzzing
  • Information Leakage
  • Authorisation
  • Write an application vulnerable to default credentials
  • Write a program that fuzzes web directories
  • Google Hacking
  • Use TheHarvester.py to gather information about targets
3Scanning and Exploitation
  • Port Scanning
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Metasploit
  • Perform a TCP port scan using Nmap
  • Perform a vulnerability scan with OpenVAS
  • Use Metasploit to identify a machine vulnerable to MS17-010