Short Course Title & Description
Business Executives Cyber Security Master Course (Short Course: 4 hours) For Business Executives
Mossé Security offers a four-hour training course tailored for business executives and board members that want to learn how to defend their organisation against cyber threat actors and manage the risks of cyber attacks. The delegates will learn the right mind-set and tools to manage the cyber security of their companies from a business executive standpoint.
First Incident Responder (Short Course: 2 days) For IT Professionals
This course teaches IT professionals structured techniques and gives specific tools to investigate incidents and make the right decisions when breached. Our teachers also equip the students with a structured process to work with professional teams of incident responders and digital forensics investigators to ensure positive outcomes as achieved for organizations affected by security breaches.
Introduction to Windows Security (Short Course: 2 days) For IT Professionals
This course teaches IT professionals the most fundamental concepts on how to build secure Windows workstations and networks, perform rapid forensics investigations, and exploit the most common vulnerabilities affecting Windows systems.
The Structured Analytics Techniques (Short Course: 2 days) For IT Professionals, Business Executives, Managers, Employees
Mossé Cyber Security Institute teaches you, proven, structured analytics techniques, taken from the US Intelligence Community, and adapted by us into the corporate world. These techniques will help you make better cyber security decisions, and increase the likelihood of security solutions being championed by other teams because they have a stake in them. Theses are advantages and heavy-duty techniques to add to your toolbox.