Workshop Title & Description
Crisis Simulation Workshop (Workshop: 1 day) For Business Executives, Managers
This workshop prepares board members and business executives respond to a cyber breach. You will undertake a hypothetical breach challenge tailored to your organisation’s profile that is aimed at preparing you for the worst-case scenario. The benefits of undertaking this simulation are that you will learn proper critical thinking approaches and structured analytic techniques designed for executives that want to handle a cyber breach properly.
Dragon-Net Incident Response Workshop (Workshop: 4 hours to 5 days) For IT Professionals
In this workshop, students will learn and hone their incident detection and response skills against procedurally-generated computer networks and adversaries. Every workshop is unique and thus offer new and unique learnings to returning participants. Throughout the workshop, Mossé Security’s instructors will facilitate, teach, and help students identify and remediate security breaches within the networks.
Dragon-Net Red Team Exercise (Workshop: 4 hours to 3 days) For IT Professionals
Dragon-Net "Red Team Exercise" is an expertly guided hands-on experience conducting simulated real-world attacks against procedurally generated computer networks. During the mock exercise, Mossé Security instructors guide students to their target, assist students to employ concepts and strategies that APTs use to great effect.