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The Structured Analytics Techniques

Critical thinking and good decision-making, supported by structured analysis and evidence, are core practices of what makes a good information security professional. Whether you work in risk management, in compliance, in incident response, or in a red team, every day, your job consists of providing constructive security ideas and solutions to your team members and influencing them into implementing your recommendations. This course prepares you to achieve these skills.

The individuals who would benefit from this course are professionals who wish to develop critical-thinking and decision-making skills that go beyond using their intuition.

Mossé Cyber Security Institute teaches you, proven, structured analytics techniques, taken from the US Intelligence Community, and adapted by us into the corporate world. These techniques will help you make better cyber security decisions, and increase the likelihood of security solutions being championed by other teams because they have a stake in them. Theses are advantages and heavy-duty techniques to add to your toolbox.


You will learn to use structured critical-thinking techniques that will help you:

  • Design more effective cyber security programmes, strategies and tactics
  • Choose the best course of action when faced with multiple choices, or invent alternative solutions
  • Reduce the impact of cognitive biases, and increase the effectiveness of your decisions
  • Produce plans, reports, processes, and visual aids that document and address complex challenges
  • Involve all the key stakeholders in the decision-making process to consider all sides on an issue, brainstorm all-encompassing solutions, and thus increase the likelihood of those solutions being implemented
  • Anticipate and mitigate current and future cyber risks

Intended Audience

Anyone involved in cyber-security decision-making. That obviously includes information security professionals, but also to security-savvy business executives, senior managers and, any other staff members.


This course is taught by experienced Mossé Security’s instructors. Our instructors have over 10 years of experience delivering penetration testing, red teaming and incident response services for a multitude of industries that have involved complex and multi-faceted approaches. Our instructors each possess the right balance of corporate experience and are competently skilled in presenting and teaching to groups.

Beyond their technical abilities and years of professional experience, our instructors are also trained teachers and public speakers. Their manner of teaching easily conveys their passion for computer security to every one of our students.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

We begin the course by defining what Structured Analytics Techniques (SATs) are, their purpose, and their history. We will present a high-level overview of other thinking approaches and explain why SATs are of high-value to you.

We proceed with presenting the different family groups of SATs and how they are linked to one another. You are taught the guidelines on when you should employ SATs, and how to select the right SATs for any given situation.

Module 2: The Structured Analytics Techniques

In this module, we teach you the Structured Analytics Techniques that are most relevant to cyber security and the ones that are the easiest to employ in the corporate world. The main groups of SATs taught include:

  • Decomposition and Visualisation
  • Idea Generation
  • Scenarios and Indicators
  • Hypothesis Generation and Testing
  • Assessment of Cause and Effect
  • Challenge Analysis
  • Decision Support
  • Futures Thinking

Module 3: Guidelines to Select the Right SATs

In this module, you receive pre-prepared templates for selecting the right SATs depending on the problem, subject, or outcome you wish to resolve or accomplish. We also teach you how to create your own templates so that you may rapidly create new business processes, draft plans, and produce intelligence products.

Module 4: Facilitating Critical-Thinking Sessions

In module 4, we teach you how to formally run critical-thinking sessions within your organization using SATs. What materials do you need? How can you run a session over the phone? What if, some of the people involved in making the decisions are unable to communicate with each other due to personality conflicts? How can you keep people engaged and interested?

We will answer all these questions, and many more.

Module 5: Master Exercises

Finally, we conclude the course with half-a-day of exercises where you will practice using SATs to work on complex cyber security topics. We offer some pre-prepared topics for you to work on with other students as a group, and we also invite you to suggest topics of your own that you would like to work on during the class.

Enrolment & Fees


  • Early bird: $1,700.00 AUD including GST.
  • Standard: $2,000 AUD including GST.

Terms and Conditions

  • Payment is made via Humanitix or by contacting us to receive an invoice.
  • Payment is required at the time of booking.
  • Cancellation notifications within 14 days of the course's start date are not eligible for refund.
  • Cancellations received between 15 and 28 days prior to course commencement will be charged 50% of the course fee.
  • Students are allowed 1 reschedule per class. Transfers received between 15 – 28 days prior to course commencement will be charged a $300 (incl GST) administrative fee. The new session date must be given at the time of the reschedule notification and rescheduled classes must be taken within 6 months of original scheduled date.
  • Transfers received 14 days or less prior to course commencement will be charged 50% of the course fee. The new session date must be given at the time of the reschedule notification and rescheduled classes must be taken within 6 months of original scheduled date.
  • Payment must be made in full prior to any rescheduling.
  • Student substitutions can be made in writing 48 hours prior to a class start.
  • If a student does not attend a scheduled session, there will be no refund or reschedule given. Payment is forfeited. Mossé Security reserves the right to cancel a course and will endeavour to provide participants with as much notice as possible. Upon cancellation, any fees already paid by the participant will be refunded.


Cyber security savviness.

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