3 Sep

Red Teaming - The Fundamentals

5 days Melbourne, AU

Red Teaming – The Fundamentals is a basic yet potent introductory course to Red Teaming. Our instructors teach the fundamental knowledge and skills that novice Red Teamers require to deliver cyber-attack simulations. No prior knowledge of computer hacking is assumed....

8 Oct

First Incident Responder

2 days Melbourne, AU

Onsite IT professionals are the first responders to security breaches. They are the ones who detect anomalies on the network, discover indicators of attack and compromise, and act according to how they have understood the situation. This course teaches IT professiona...

3 Dec

Threat Hunting Master Course

5 days Brisbane, AU

In this five-day master course, students will learn how to hunt for threat actors on large scale computer networks. No prior knowledge in incident response, threat hunting, reverse engineering or malware analysis is required prior to attending this course. Detailed s...