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Market Problem

Producing competent cyber operators capable of solving high-value problems can cost up to $500,000 USD per person in training, equipment, and mentoring. Furthermore, it would usually take such a person 5 to 10 years of professional experience to acquire the ways of working and ways of thinking required to succeed in the field.

The vast majority of cyber training and certifications are theoretical. Students must remember concepts from books to pass Multiple-Choice-Question Tests (MCQs). In some cases, students are allowed to bring their books to the exam. Some of them cheat by paying a professional to take the exam in their place.

Our Solution

MCSI's Online Learning Platform is 95% more cost-effective and we achieve results in 2 years that otherwise would take 10. Our Institute guarantees these results because it is not possible for students to cheat on our platform.

This is how we compare to alternative training vendors:

MCSI Traditional Vendor
Cost per course $450 $5,000.00 - $8,000.00
Cost of Certification Free $1,000.00 - $2,000.00
Hours of training 600+ hours 40 hours
Delivered Online? Yes Timezone Limited
Practical Training 100% Less than 50%
Free Trial Yes Unavailable
Cost for 10,000 hours of training exercises Between $1-2k per user Unavailable
Aptitude Tests Yes Unavailable
Ability to white-label Yes Unavailable
Ability to create custom exercises and curriculums Yes Unavailable
Ability to generate compliance reports Yes Unavailable
Ability to track progress and measure skills using analytics Yes Unavailable


Our certifications align to the NIST NICE Framework:

Conceptualizes, designs, procures, and/or builds secure information technology (IT) systems, with responsibility for aspects of system and/or network development.

Provides the support, administration, and maintenance necessary to ensure effective and efficient information technology (IT) system performance and security.

Provides leadership, management, direction, or development and advocacy so the organization may effectively conduct cybersecurity work.

Identifies, analyzes, and mitigates threats to internal information technology (IT) systems and/or networks.

Performs highly-specialized review and evaluation of incoming cybersecurity information to determine its usefulness for intelligence.

Provides specialized denial and deception operations and collection of cybersecurity information that may be used to develop intelligence.

Investigates cybersecurity events or crimes related to information technology (IT) systems, networks, and digital evidence.

Business Information & NAICS Codes

CAGE & DUNS Numbers

  • DUNS Number: 117963653
  • Cage Number: 92X72


  • 611420 – Computer Training
  • 611430 – Professional and Management Development Training
  • 611519 – Other Technical and Trade Schools
  • 611699 – All Other Miscellaneous Schools and Instruction
  • 541690 – Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services (Specifically: Security Consulting Services)
  • 541519 – Other Computer Related Services


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