Red Teaming Advanced User-Land Techniques Master Course

Red Teaming: The Advanced User-Land Techniques

Our Red Teaming “The Advanced User-Land Techniques” course teaches user-land exploitation techniques specifically designed to evade advanced enterprise security products, as well as make incident detection and response a real nightmare. Students will practice Red Teaming against procedurally generated computer networks, containing multiple VLANs, and which are properly defended by endpoint detection and response, and defence-in-depth.

Some of the key topics covered are:
  • Complete malware platform covering web, mobile, endpoint and network
  • Rapid deployment of command control infrastructure in the cloud
  • Data exfiltration techniques for segmented enterprise networks
  • Operational security and tripwires to detect security investigations
  • Anti-forensics and anti-threat-hunting concepts and techniques
  • Total enterprise network compromise including SCADA and ERP

Theoretical knowledge makes up 40% of the course, and 60% is made up of practical exercises. The last day of the course is a practical Red Team exercise where students will put the skills they have learnt into practice.

Course Outcome
In this course, we teach similar attack techniques used by threat actors such as APT28, Project Sauron, or DUBNIUM, to compromise networks.

If you are a penetration tester, the knowledge you gain in this course will assist you to deliver long-term Red Team campaigns that simulate persistent attackers equipped with advanced user-land exploitation toolsets. If you work in incident detection and response, this course will show you how the adversaries are defeating many enterprise security solutions. This course will also provide you with insights on what can be done to stop adversaries.

Intended Audience
Penetration testers, incident responders, security analysts, security engineers and heads of information security with strong technical background are all welcome to attend this course.


This course is taught by experienced Mossé Security’s instructors. Our instructors have over 10 years of experience delivering penetration testing, red teaming and incident response services for a multitude of industries that have involved complex and multi-faceted approaches. Our instructors each possess the right balance of corporate experience and are competently skilled in presenting and teaching to groups.

Beyond their technical abilities and years of professional experience, our instructors are also trained teachers and public speakers. Their manner of teaching easily conveys their passion for computer security to every one of our students.

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