Alliances with Charities

Partnering with Charities that Deliver Cyber Security Training

Mossé Cyber Security Institute (MCSI) provides a unique opportunity for charities to offer cybersecurity education via access to MCSI’s Online Learning Platform (OLP). Our OLP provides avid, career-oriented, cyber learners with uniquely designed, cutting-edge educational training content that delivers renowned world-class curriculum.

Charities will have the opportunity to provide our basic, yet robustly comprehensive, internship program to their cyber focused community members. The successful completion of this basic program will enable an individual to apply for any entry level position with confidence based on the practical experience gained from our Program. Once the charitable organization raises funds for these successful students to pursue the upper level trainings for career-wise advancements, we will apply considerable discounts based on bulk numbers registering for our industry Certification Programs.

MCSI already delivers cutting-edge cybersecurity education courses and Certifications Programs worldwide, empowering charities with the unique opportunity to offer our Programs for those who are desirous of gaining in depth knowledge, and expertise through practical tools imbedded in our Programs. All our Certification Programs prepare cyber career enthusiasts fully ready to apply for cyber positions with confidence, knowing that they have gained the required practical expertise, thus equipped to can take-on and solve the most significant cyber threat challenges.

Furthermore, MCSI’s Programs are advantageously unique due the fact that all our full-spectrum curriculums bridge the gap between any prior knowledge learned, and the acquisition of sharpened skills through extensive practical learning. These practical skills reaching expertise levels are much needed when applying for that first job with a confidence level that can challenge even the most experienced professional.

How and What?

The offer has three parts:

  • Our MCSI Remote Cybersecurity Internship Programme, offered free of charge, teaches students the introductory level of cyber security skills in 6 areas of cyber security. Upon completion of all the challenging exercises, students receive the MCSI Certificate of Completion.
  • The Charity is eligible to receive discounted packages of MCSI's world class online cyber security courses and Certifications.
  • Students who successfully complete MCSI's Certification Programme can then apply to join our exclusive group of elite cyber security professionals who work as freelancers for Mossé Security.

All online courses are self-paced, have no time-limits, are unlocked for ever and have no recurring fees.


Email our team ([email protected]) to schedule a teleconference call to on-board your charity.

Free Remote Cybersecurity Internship Programme

  • Perform network vulnerability scans
  • Exploit vulnerabilities with Metasploit
  • Identify and exploit web application vulnerabilities without tools
  • Write custom offensive security tools to aid Red Teaming operators
  • Assess the security settings of Windows machines and harden them
  • Hunt for malware using YARA
  • Hunt for threat actors on Windows networks using Python
  • Defend web applications against common vulnerabilities

Special Certification Pricing

Below is the list of MCSI online certifications:

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