Cyber Threat Intelligence Certification

Intelligence collection is critical to the successful planning and implementation of national defense operations.

  • Conduct in-depth analysis of target TTPs
  • Conduct investigations of individuals and organizations
  • Disseminate threat warning information
  • Oversee, prepare, and deliver intelligence briefings
  • Apply force on enemy activities and capabilities
  • Provide situational awareness to operations personnel
  • Collect, develop, analyze, and produce cyber intelligence
  • Prepare and maintain situation maps
  • Prepare technical products and time sensitive reports
  • Plan, direct, and conduct Defend Forward operations
  • Collect, analyze and report digital data
  • Coordinate and execute cyber maneuvers
  • Oversee, prepare, and deliver briefings
  • Research, develop, design and test tools
  • Develop guidance implement cybersecurity best-practices
  • Target the capabilities of enemies and hostile adversaries

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