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MPT - Certified Penetration Tester

An MCSI qualified professional penetration tester is capable of delivering web application and infrastructure penetration tests.

Students who hold the MPT Certification from MCSI can apply for Penetration Testing jobs worldwide with the confidence that they have the competencies that the industry is seeking.

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Intermediate Level MCSI Certification Intermediate
ic-certificate Certification
ic-clock 600+ hours
cpe-points 261
ic-money US$450
No Expiry, No Renewals


MCSI Certifications are world-class. The content is cutting-edge, uniquely-designed, hands-on and challenging. Our exercises teach in-demand skills that are immediately applicable in the field. MCSI's unique approach helps students around the world advance their careers.

This Certification has no expiry date. It has no renewal fees, no hidden fees, and is accessible with no time limits.

MCSI Certified Penetration Tester:

  • Understand the vulnerability research and exploitation process in full
  • Develop custom penetration testing tools
  • Master the major penetration testing tools and use them when it’s appropriate
  • Perform code reviews and dynamic fuzzing
  • Write penetration testing proposals and reports that delight customers


Training Modules

  • Lab setup - 4 exercises
  • Information Gathering - 4 exercises
  • NMAP - 16 exercises
  • Metasploit - 13 exercises
  • Mimikatz - 5 exercises
  • Vulnerability Scanning - 4 exercises
  • Complementary Tools - 5 exercises
  • Custom Malware Development - 4 exercises
  • Web Application Penetration Testing - 26 exercises
  • Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities - 4 exercises
  • Documentation and Procedures - 5 exercises
  • Capability Development - 6 exercises


  • Patch Analysis - 3 exercises
  • Secure Code Reviews - 4 exercises
  • Penetration Testing Challenges - 4 exercises
  • Operation Mission Impossible - 9 exercises

Sample Exercises

Below are three (3) exercises from the 100+ exercises available in MPT - Certified Penetration Tester:

Write An Application Vulnerable To Cross-Site Scripting (Novice)


Use John The Ripper To Crack MySQL, MSSQL, And Postgres Credentials (Advanced Beginner)


Write A Burp Suite Extension (Competent)


Enrolment and Fees


US$450 (+ GST if you're based in Australia).

Practical exercises must be completed online using MCSI's Online Learning Platform.

How to enrol

  1. Login/Register for MCSI's Online Learning Platform
  2. Select `Shop` from the left-side menu
  3. Find the MPT - Certified Penetration Tester, select `Buy` and proceed through the checkout process. You can purchase using a Credit Card or PayPal
  4. Once you have enrolled in the MPT - Certified Penetration Tester, the curriculum unlocks immediately
  5. In the left-side menu of the platform, select `Training & Education` then `MCSI Curriculums`, and you will see the MPT - Certified Penetration Tester listed

Terms and Conditions

  • No discounts
  • No refunds
  • No transfers
  • No renewal fees
  • No hidden fees
  • No time limits
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Proficiency in the English language

Ability to comfortably read and understand IT documentation written in English. Ideally, an IELTS score of 6.5 with no band less than 6 (or equivalent).

Note: You can register for this course without having undertaken an English test.

Programming Skills

We recommend that you have some experience in software programming prior to registering for this course.

The preferred programming languages for this course include: Python, PHP, SQL, and some basic C.

Knowledge of basic C and Assembly will also prove helpful for the reverse engineering exercises.

Here's a list of things for you to confirm whether you're at the right level:

  • Write basic web applications in PHP or something equivalent
  • Have used and configured a database such as MySQL
  • Have written authentication pages and code to manage user sessions
  • Be comfortable with command line utilities and tools
  • Be capable of installing Windows and Linux virtual machines in something like VirtualBox
  • Have some experience troubleshooting and resolving software errors

Career Outcomes

This certification successfully prepares you for the following roles:

  • Penetration Tester
  • Vulnerability Tester
  • Vulnerability Assessment Analyst
Certification Detail

Training Curriculum and Certifications

Students unlock Certificates of Completion for every exercise they complete. Industry Certifications are unlocked upon achieving Skills Proficiency Milestones.




Obtain CPE points by solving exercises


Achieve multiple certifications


Receive help from instructors online

MCSI's MPT certification covers all six levels of the Australian Signals Directorate's Cyber Skills Framework. You will achieve a certificate upon reaching each level:

ASD Skills Proficiency Level Curriculum Completion Requirement Scenarios Completion Requirement
MCSI Penetration Testing Learner Level 1 0% 0%
MCSI Novice Penetration Tester Level 2 20% 0%
MCSI Penetration Testing Practitioner Level 3 50% 10%
MCSI Senior Penetration Testing Practitioner Level 4 70% 25%
MCSI Certified Principal Penetration Testing Practitioner Level 5 80% 50%
MCSI Certified Expert Penetration Testing Practitioner Level 6 95% 75%

As an MCSI Certified Penetration Tester you will be fully capable of performing the following:

  • Identify and exploit the most common web application vulnerabilities. For example:
    • SQL Injection
    • Object Injection
    • XXE Injection
    • Arbitrary Command Execution
    • File Inclusion
    • Cross-Site Scripting
    • Brute Forcing
    • Session Fixation
  • Identify and exploit the most common infrastructure vulnerabilities. For example:
    • Missing critical security patches
    • Privilege escalation
    • Dumping and reusing credential
    • Lateral movement and pivoting
    • Tunnelling
  • Identify and exploit memory corruption vulnerabilities. For example:
    • Reverse engineering network protocols
    • Stack overflows
    • Bypass stack cookies, ASLR, NX/DEP
    • Egg hunters
    • Return Oriented Programming
  • Write custom attack tools using scripting languages:
    • Python
    • Ruby
  • Use all the major penetration testing tools:
    • NMAP
    • Metasploit
    • Burp Suite
    • OpenVAS
    • John the Ripper / Hashcat
    • SSH Tunnelling


Why MCSI’s Penetration Testing Certification is World Class

why MCSI certifications

Comprehensive, Effective, Exceeds Standards

Holders of the MPT Certification have completed 100 practical online exercises thus demonstrating that they have the skills and knowledge required to deliver web, mobile and infrastructure penetration tests. Students take an average of 6 months to complete these exercises.

why MCSI certifications

Internals Focused

Students who have obtained this Certification have demonstrated that they have a full understanding of the vulnerability research and exploitation process. This Certification focuses on the internals of how vulnerabilities are identified and exploited rather than remembering commands for tools (though it does cover tools as well).

why MCSI certifications

Programming Oriented

Many of the challenges that students must pass to obtain this certification require students to write software in scripting languages. This guarantees that penetration testers certified by MCSI understand how vulnerabilities are created and what it takes to write custom exploitation tools.


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