Threat Hunting Certifications and Courses

MCSI's Threat Hunting training provides the complete gamut of skills to actively search for and locate threats that have penetrated network defenses

  • Maneuver, secure and defend key cyber terrain
  • Identify and defeat concealed cyber adversaries
  • Establish situational awareness
  • Conduct network damage assessments
  • Augment incident response and cyber protection teams
  • Conduct surveillance and reconnaissance activities
  • Evaluate the effectiveness incident detection equipment
  • Prepare technical products and time sensitive reports
  • Detect, deny, and mitigate adversarial access
  • Respond to urgent situations to mitigate potential threats
  • Provide threat indications and warnings
  • Oversee, prepare, and deliver briefings
  • Research, develop, design and test tools
  • Recommend appropriate mitigation countermeasures

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