Cyber Security Concepts Specialist Bundle

Everything you need to learn the fundamental cyber security concepts in a single purchase

MCSI’s `Cyber Security Concepts Specialist Bundle` teaches the fundamental I.T. Security concepts. Exercises included in the bundle are research-based. There is no technical skills or pre-requisite knowledge needed to solve these exercises. Several different domains of Information Security get covered in the content. These domains are:

  • Information System Auditing
  • Governance and Management of IT
  • Information systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation
  • Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Service Management
  • Protection of Information Assets
  • Information Security Governance
  • Information Security Risk Management
  • Information Security Program Development and Management
  • Information Security Incident Management
  • IT Risk Identification
  • IT Risk Assessment
  • Risk and Response Mitigation
  • Risk and Control Monitoring and Reporting

The `Cyber Security Concepts Specialist Bundle` includes 300+ exercises. There is no time limit for this training. It is completely self-paced and there are no pre-requisites required.


US$199 (+ GST if you're based in Australia).

Practical exercises must be completed online using MCSI's Online Learning Platform.

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  • No time limits

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How to enrol

  1. Login/Register for MCSI's Online Learning Platform
  2. Select `Shop` from the left-side menu
  3. Find the Cyber Security Concepts Specialist Bundle, select `Buy` and proceed through the checkout process. You can purchase using a Credit Card or PayPal
  4. Once you have enrolled in the Cyber Security Concepts Specialist Bundle, the curriculum unlocks immediately
  5. In the left-side menu of the platform, select `Training & Education` then `MCSI Bundles`, and you will see the Cyber Security Concepts Specialist Bundle listed

Sample Exercises

Below are three (3) exercises from the 30 exercises available in Cyber Security Concepts Specialist Bundle:

Research the Cyber Kill Chain Model and the MTIRE Matrix (Concepts)


Research what identify access management is and its benefits (Concepts)


Research and provide a methodology to perform a vulnerability assessment (Concepts)


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